E-Cigarette Web Page: 4 Popular Types of E-Cig

If you are new to the world of vaping, you may be overwhelmed by the range of different devices on the market. To help you find the perfect e-cigarette, we have compiled a list of 4 of the most popular types of devices.

Rechargeable Compact Systems

A rechargeable compact system consists of a rechargeable battery which can be attached to a cartridge containing e-liquid. Once the cartridge has been used, the user attaches a new cartridge to the battery and disposes of the old one, recharging the battery as needed during operation. One of the benefits of this type of set up is that it is similar in size to traditional cigarettes, which can be very appealing to new e-cigarette users.

Tank Systems

A tank system is slightly more advanced when compared to a rechargeable compact system. This system gets its name from the tank which is attached to the device which is filled and refilled with e-liquid by the user. Tank systems offer increased vaping efficiency, with most users saving money by bulk buying e-liquid. They also offer an extended battery life.

Mod Systems

Modified or ‘mod’ vaporisers use a system which enables users to customise their vaping experience in various ways. They normally feature replaceable 3.7-volt lithium ion cells, larger tanks and a level of control and features not found on simpler systems, such as variable voltage settings and digital displays. However, mod systems can be very complicated to use, which means novice vapers tend to avoid them.

Capsule Systems

One major drawback of using a tank system is the risk of accidental spillage. E-cig Ltd has eliminated this problem by developing a state-of-the-art Capsule Vaping System, which offers the convenience of a rechargeable compact system, alongside the increased vaping power created by its enhanced coil atomiser. The easy to use system is simpler than mod e-cigarettes but provides great results. When compared to other vaping systems, it is cleaner, safer and offers a consistently high level of vapour. The capsules are available in a range of 10 flavours and are designed for quick and clean disposal after use.

The E-liquid Capsule Starter Kit contains a 650mAh battery, which offers 650 puffs on average compared to the 400 puffs provided by a 350mAh battery, as well as an enhanced coil atomiser, a USB charger and three 2.5ml high strength e-liquid capsules, in Menthol Breeze, Berry Blast and Classic Tobacco flavours.


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