Groupon: Brazilian Restaurants in London

Brazilian Restaurants in London

Brazilian cuisine is rich and diverse and the capital has no shortage of great Brazilian restaurants which provide an authentic taste of South America. The popular Raizes restaurant in Hackney offers an all you can eat menu, which contains a variety of grilled meats served ‘rodízio’ at your table on large skewers and also has a buffet of salads and sides.

South of the river is the Tia Maria, which is located in a converted pub in Lambeth. It serves up a range of dishes, from traditional steaks to special Brazilian pancakes filled with salt-cured beef and cheese, all made from locally sourced produce. The restaurant also features live Brazilian musicians which add to the lively and intimate atmosphere.

Brazilian Burgers in London

When you think of Brazilian food burgers are probably not the first thing to cross your mind.

However, X Burger has taken the burger and given it a decidedly Brazilian twist. Choose between lamb, chicken, beef, fish, or veggie for your burger and then decide on your toppings. You can have anything from tradition bacon, onions and mayo to fresh chilli, ham, peas, pickles and a variety of cheeses. Finally, you must decide the height of your burger a mere five inches or a mighty seven. If you think you still have room on your plate you can also order side dishes such as home made chips and deep fried cassava.

Celebrate Brazilian Style

If you have a special event to celebrate then Brazilian food and music is a great choice. Guanabara is a restaurant fused with a live music venue, meaning it is the perfect place to enjoy

Brazilian dishes while you party. Enjoy from a choice of starters such as pan roasted tiger prawns or firecracker chicken wings and the move on to the main menu which includes grilled steaks and pan-fried salmon in a creamy shrimp sauce. This delicious food can be complemented with a celebratory cocktail, why not try the Guanabara Iced Tea, which contains vodka, gin, rum and freshly squeezed lime juice. Each evening Guanabara provides live entertainment with a unique Brazilian twist, such as DJ sets, live bands, circus performers, showgirls and even fire breathers.

Everyday Brazilian Food Everyone will Love

Eating Brazilian in the capital doesn’t have to be a lavish and expensive affair. The Bankete Cafe and Restaurant in East London with its low-key vibe is great for casual lunches, dinner dates and everyday eating. The menu is simple but offers a wide range of traditional and affordable dishes, small plates and starters such as chicken hearts, cod fish balls, fried cassava and smoked sausage and main dishes such as pork ribs and came de panela. At the weekend the restaurant host different Brazilian entertainment with live music on Friday, samba on Saturday and football games are shown on Sundays.


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